A comic about super heroines. Well there are guys too but mostly it’s about the girls. Doing the things that super powered girls do. Fighting crime, saving the world, dating, shopping, etc. There’ll be explosions, cheesecake, beefcake, heroes and villains, angels and demons, cyborgs, probably ninjas.

Yeah but what’s it about?

The extraordinary person in the ordinary circumstance.

To me, the most memorable moments in comics and shows are the scenes with amusing character interaction, you know the issue the X-men spend playing baseball, or the moments where you see the ice queen warming up to the underdog nerd character, or the scene that establishes that two tertiary characters have a buddy cop thing going. I find that’s the stuff I remember and enjoy the most, not what villain they fought that episode. If Wolverine fights Sabertooth for the 47th time, who really cares? But if the artist draws him drinking a Strawberry Yoohoo afterwards, that’s the sort of thing that people remember.

I wanted a comic that focuses mostly on those interstitial scenes I enjoy so much. So the comic is largely “day in the life” It is still a superhero comic though, and there will be some fighting of course but I suspect that any fighting Sydney gets involved in will be a little more slapstick than you’d normally get.


Grrl Power, at least the idea of it, started off quite a while ago when a friend and me were sitting around griping that we could never stick with a comic project for very long. We’d draw a few pages then get distracted and never get back to it. The idea I came up with to motivate myself was to draw an all girl super hero team. I thought I could keep my interest up if I was drawing well packaged hot women all the time. It actually didn’t work as I never drew the comic but the idea kept rolling around in my head for years until I struck on the idea of doing a webcomic. It still took years to get from that point to where I actually built the website and even longer till I put out the first page. But the whole time the idea kept evolving. Team members were swapped out here and there but Maxima, Dabbler and Anvil were always in. They were like the Kirk, Spock and McCoy of the team. Maxima kept getting more powerful and more vehemently feminist and eventually became the team leader, Dabbler and Anvil largely stayed the same but their back stories developed a bit.

Halo and Harem were the late editions. Harem was literally almost a last minute swap out, as I thought more and more about how having the powers she does would make for some really interesting and funny situations, and Halo a.k.a. Sydney existed in an almost entirely different form long ago. Same powers but a totally different character.

This is my first major attempt at storytelling, so the art will be all over the place for a while and the pacing may be rather uneven, but I figure as long as we’re learning something about the world and the characters and I manage to stick some humor it, it’s all good.


The Story So Far

Sydney co-owns and works at a comic shop. We learn that super powers are real but exceedingly rare. On top of that, there aren’t really any super heroes. Anyone with super powers can make scads of money in the private sector. After some comic shop related hi-jinks, Sydney heads to the bank, where nothing interesting ever happens in stories like this…

…except bank robberies obviously. The robbery is interrupted by a golden heroine named Maxima. Sydney accidentally throws herself into the arms of one of the robbers and gets taken hostage. Much to the robber’s dismay. The other robber takes a shot at Sydney but Maxima intervenes and defeats him effortlessly. The day is saved but…

…it turns out the robbery may not have been exactly what it seemed. Afterwards they’re both interviewed by the local news station, and Max brings Sydney back to the base to interview her and discover what’s in the tube she’s carrying around…

Sydney is invited to join the team, ARCHON, which is a new branch of the DoD. A bunch of other stuff happens which is probably all very amusing but ultimately the team winds up at dinner at a restaurant to wrap the hectic day, but the main course turns out to be a huge group of super villains! Definitely an off the menu item. Don’t bother giving the restaurant a poor rating, cause it gets destroyed almost immediately. The villains are defeated but the team finds out that maybe most of them weren’t villains? Oy.

The next two days are full of training Sydney meets more of the team and extended ARCHON staff. During a night out Sydney discovers there may be more to the world than meets they eye.

Quite a bit more, it turns out, when Sydney meets The Twilight Council, who have mixed feelings about ARCHON’s debut. It also seems someone in their midst has more than mixed feelings, as an attack derails the meeting…



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