Apparently there was enough room between the wall and the table for a shield that large. Good thing it either automatically resets to a smaller default size or Sydney thought to reset it herself after the demonstration, where if you remember the shield was large enough to totally destroy that room if it went up in there. Her shield does form centered on her, large enough to encompass her, but will adjust itself up or down a bit not to slice off anything near her, which is why Shadow Boxer there didn’t get a haircut when her shield went up. That may be a yet undiscovered option though. Something else to note is that the orbs don’t automatically activate when Sydney grabs them, she can hold them without them turning on, but in this case it was a defensive reflex.

It was kind of tough drawing Sydney taking a real punch. Her adorkableness affects even me. Sure she’s suffered a few hits already during the course of the comic, but most of them were self inflicted except the bonk on the head at the bank, and we all know how well that went for her assailant.

I’ve groused a little about the nature of the webcomic format a little before, in that the delay between pages allows people to consider each page with far more scrutiny than they would if you’re just flipping through a finished book. As such, the resolution to Sydney’s current conundrum  may not surprise much of anyone, but what can you do? Of course it works both ways, and the little gags I hide in there whenever I can are more likely to be ferreted out.


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