Here are a few options for anyone who’s asked about throwing some money into the tip jar.

Amazon Referral Link
If you’re planning on buying something through Amazon, doing it via this link is a great way to support the comic. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and I get a small % of each sale for the referral. Just visit Amazon through this link, then shop like normal. If you make purchases in the same session, I get credit.


Tip Jar
Here’s a quick way to drop some money in the hat. Or jar, I guess I should say, since that’s what’s on the button.

Tip Amount

Here is a straight up donate button. I’ve included the other option because PayPal seems pretty serious about this button only being used by non-profits, but there are a lot of webcomics out there with donate buttons, and I’ve never heard of any of them having trouble. Still, if you’re planning on tipping one of the amounts listed above the Tip Jar button, use that one, but if you just have to donate some other amount, like $42, or $13.37, feel free to use the donate button, and I’ll figure out the PayPal stuff.

You can also use the donate button to set up a recurring donation. If 10% of the people who visited the comic subscribed at $1 a month, I’d be able to do this full time, no sweat. If 1% subscribed at a buck a month, I’d still need a full time job but it would help out a lot. Pay for hosting, fund the occasional convention appearance, that sort of thing.

(This doesn’t work for some reason – the subscriptions I mean, the flat donation works fine. I’ll figure out why and get it fixed soon.)