spectrum-gals-pencils-tThe vote incentive is finally updated and it should be pretty cool when it’s finished. I don’t normally use multi-colored penciling, but in this case I did to make it more obvious what I’m going for in the final picture. It was surprisingly hard to find a red chick to use. You’d think there’d be scads, and I’m sure there are a bunch I couldn’t think of. Same thing with orange. I very nearly used Ashoka from the clone wars, but at the last second I remembered Starfire is orange. I vastly prefer the Cartoon Network version of her to the battle bikini babe version she appears as in the comics, so I went with that. Dabbler and Maxima should be obvious, but I’ll let you guess at the rest of them for now. Green might be hard to guess until she’s colored since she’s all clammed up, and honestly she’s a little bit more to the yellow green side of the spectrum so She-Hulk may yet make an appearance. :) The final version will have proper attribution to their respective creators of course.

I do need some input on Indigo. I was planning on using a drow. I’ve seen them colored charcoal black, which is how they’re described in books, but that’s boring . Usually they’re dark brown, blue or purple, so I thought I could use one of them. The problem is I’m having trouble thinking of a famous one that’s also visually distinct. Everyone knows Lolth, but she looks different in every picture so she wouldn’t work. I don’t think they’d invite her anyway. I was thinking of using the generically named “Drow Ranger” from DOTA2, but really she’s a little generic looking too. Someone suggested Arachne from Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic, but she’s more of a dark gray. I’m not married to the drow idea, but off the top of my head I can’t think of any other dark purply blue ladies, so feel free to suggest some.

Edit: The picture has been updated with inks and flats, I decided to go with Traxex after all in the “indigo” spot. Indigo in quotes cause if you ask 20 people what color indigo is you’ll get as many answers. If I had all the time in the world, I’d love to keep adding ladies to this picture to get a bunch of in-between colors. She-Hulk for a darker green, Ahsoka for a darker orange. Stupid not enough time havingness!