I’m working on a postcard that I can hand out at conventions, leave on tables, etc, and I’ve got one side draw, but I’m not sure about the dialog on it, so I thought I’d let everyone throw some ideas in to the pot.


The idea is that I take the craziest looking characters and have them commenting on the comic that Sydney’s reading, thus irritating her. I’m not sure what to go with though, here’s a few things I came up with:

Maxima: The characters in that comic are so outlandish.
Dabbler: It’s just so unrealistic.
Sydney: What are you guys, the ironic duo?

I’m not sure that having Sydney calling out the irony makes for the most elegant delivery, so I started coming up with alternatives like:

M: Do the characters in that ever stop flexing? (one of my pet peeves about the way most comics are drawn)
D: Wow even I can’t bend my back like that.
S: Do you mind?!


M: Not enough action.
D: Not enough sex.
S: Shouldn’t you be fighting crime somewhere?

And the like. I thought before I got 5,000 printed I’d throw this out there and see if anyone had any favorites or even your own dialog that might work better. I need to send this to print Monday 5/9 to get it back in time for the Dallas Comic Con which I’ll be wandering around for at least part of a day, so I have until Monday evening if anyone wants to contribute.