kittensThe short version of this story is that some strays came around and like dummies me and the wife started feeding them, and they eventually had some kittens. The strays are gone now, but of course we’ve been taking care of the kittens. They were living in an enclosed porch we have attached to the house, with the door open just enough for them to come and go, but not wide enough for tomcats or possums and what have you to get in. It’s been so hot lately that we moved them indoor, and have even started getting them their shots. They’re currently parasite free, and quite domesticated. They figured out the litterbox while they were still on the porch in less than a day. They were born on Memorial Day weekend, so that puts then at about 11 weeks now. They haven’t been fixed yet, as they need to be 12 weeks old at least. There’s 5 of them, 4 girls, one boy. They’re all black except for one girl. The boy also has a little white patch on his chest. The problem is we already have 2 adult cats and besides not wanting a territory spraying war inside the house, we’re fairly certain that one or the other cats would probably murder the kittens before too long. The kittens are, well, rambunctious, as kittens are wont to be, and our cats would get tired of that real fast I think.

We’ve contacted all the no kill shelters in the area, but apparently they’re flush with kittens right now. We’ve hit up friends on facbook, the wife has asked around at work, so now I’m asking around at my work. Here’s some badly framed video of them. I’m not looking to sell them, I just want to find good homes for them, so if you’re in the DFW area or know someone who is, please email me at grrlpowercomic at gmail.

Update: We’ve adopted out two of the kittens. With all 5 they were too much to handle, but three? We’ve become kind of attached and we’re thinking about keeping them, assuming we can integrate them with the two cats we already have. A 5 cat household is a lot though, so we’ll see how it goes.