Ok, first off, apologies for letting the last one linger for three months. I’ve had this picture ready for a bit, but I felt a little guilty about posting it because it’s not Grrl Power related. It’s another cover mockup where I can practice both my painting and layout skills. But it’s the only other piece of art I’ve worked on besides the comic, and I draw Sydney, Max, Dabbler, and crew every day, so it’s fun to do some other stuff as well. I could practice composition with any of them, they each do present some challenges when it comes to painting. Sydney has such a distorted anime face that it’s hard to practice good facial anatomy, which is something I feel I’m quite weak with after several decades of drawing in an anime style. Maxima has her own challenges. I’ve never felt like I’ve drawn her as shiny as I imagine her, and even if I ignore that stuff, it’s not like I can practice flesh tones on her. Her skin doesn’t do subsurface scattering after all. Dabbler isn’t so hard to paint, but again, I feel like I should get better with human flesh tones before I stray into other parts of the rainbow. Of course I could paint Anvil or Harem or Jabberwokky or Varia or a dozen other characters, and eventually I will, but at the moment I’m having fun with these cover mockups, and I think that this one is a pretty good improvement over the previous one, and that’s what I’m really going for. There’s plenty more detail work I could continue to do on this piece, but I learned some stuff from working on it, and that’s the goal.