It’s been a good week. Got the comic up on Monday, and the vote incentive up on Tuesday. Wednesday my guest strip at GWS went up and garnered a lot of positive comments, which I appreciate, I read them all! That guest strip is only slightly less dirty than the previous one I did, which borders on NSFW depending on the sensibilities of your workplace. (it has a big vibrator in it).

Today, known locally as Quatro de Mayo – I say locally when really I mean that I say that and no one else does, is also known as “May the 4th be with you,” which slowly seems to be turning into an internet geek holiday. That suits me fine cause it’s also my birthday. I only mention it cause I turned 40 this year, and I only mention that, not because I want you all to have the image of me in a wheelchair with an IV drip and an oxygen tank, but because I randomly realized I’m only a few years younger than Sydney’s dad, which is… weird. I guess because I’ve never had adult hobbies like watching sports and… I don’t know… drinking beer, I’ve never felt like an adult, but realizing that I could have a kid that’s old enough to drink is a little jarring.

Don’t worry though, I’m not a decrepit old man quite yet. In fact if I can find the time I’m going to try and get into the 1,000lb club, (combined bench, squat, and deadlift)

Saturday is free comic book day, swing by and support your local retailer.

Today is also The Avengers day, at least for Americans. Mostly I’m posting this because I thought it’d be fun to have an Avengers thread. Don’t spoil anything! You can hide spoilery comments by using the spoilers tag: <spoiler>Spoilers go here</spoiler> It will look like this The Hulk is Bruce Banner Click to read it.