Sydney taunting
The story behind this picture: Fred has a character in Gold Digger named Empress Lynn. At some point when she was younger she was lost in a dimension of incredibly dangerous thingsTM. She only survived by becoming incredibly tough and along the way she met Subtracto, a sentient flying silver orb. Subtracto doesn’t function anything like Sydney’s power orbs, the similarities are entirely cosmetic, but the idea of them meeting amused me. See it here.

I know I keep talking about Gold Digger, and not everyone out there is familiar with it, but if you like Grrl Power I think you’d like Gold Digger as well, it’s every bit as crazy but there’s also a plot, hah hah. The best place to get is is this DVD which collects all the books up to #125 of the color series, and has the 50 black and white comics, as well as the 4 issues that launched the series and a bunch of other side books, and it’s only $40, which is an incredible deal for that much entertainment. All of it drawn and written by the same guy, which may be some sort of record to be honest.