I thought I would make a separate post for this.

The vote incentive is updated! I started drawing this and honestly had the thought that I might shelve it so I could use this for a plotline setup in the comic itself. The Vallejo Glamor, not the Nude version, obviously. And while I reserve the right to do it at some point in the future, the one thing I learned from drawing this is that those tiny bikinis take a lot more effort than you might think. Sure, in the comic, the art wouldn’t be nearly so fiddly and intricate, but Sydney’s “Coin Mail” is right out, and I can also foresee Maxima’s “Drizzled Metal” bikini just wildly morphing from page to page, not because it’s supposed to me like a clingy T-1000, but because I just think I remember how it looks and don’t bother checking and 5 pages later it looks suspiciously like Princess Leia’s slave bikini. 

Though I will say the TOS Star Trek cloudy pastel backgrounds are a little easier to draw than perspective correct interiors. 

Nude and textless versions over at Patreon.