Dabbler vs. Zintiel pencils

Ok something a little different this time. I recently discovered Flaky Pastry… well that’s not true, I found it a long time ago and added it to my RSS feeds, but never found the time to run through the archive. Well I finally managed it a few weeks ago and it’s become one of my favorite webcomics. I think if you enjoy Grrl Power you’d enjoy Flaky Pastry. It’s humor driven and it’s set in a fun mashup fantasy world, you know, “basically D&D but not actually D&D, and also there are sometimes guns and robots.”

Anyway, I wanted to do some fanart, but the last two vote incentives I’ve done were commissions by other people so I decided to combine the two and also make it a wallpaper, only I obviously haven’t quite finished it yet so I’ll show you guys the work in progress. I’ll update the vote incentive as I get a chance to work on it this month.

Dabbler vs. Zintiel InksIn the meantime, check out Flaky Pastry, and since I feel weird using fanart of a character from another comic as a vote incentive, if you enjoy it, throw them a vote as well.

Updated with the inked version. Remember the final version will be wallpaper sized, so you’ll get a big detailed version of it by the end of the month.

Dabbler vs. Zintiel ColorI’m not trying to drag this out, it’s just taking longer to get to finishing this than I had hoped. Here’s the foreground colors, hopefully I’ll have it finished, probably not this week but maybe mid October?