I’ve really never watched reality shows, but from what I’ve gathered, The Real World is basically about people alternately partying or being dicks to each other. I think Sydney’s daydream captures that well enough.

I think most shows could be improved with the addition of super powers. Just imagine American Gladiators with super powers, or America’s Next Top Model where one of the models can secretly make the other ones binge eat or crap themselves on the catwalk. Well, I wouldn’t watch the show, but the youtube clips from them would get 20 million hits in a week.

On the other hand, if Mike Rowe showed up for a job and asked “So what do you do here?” and the reply was “I teleport all this garbage in to the sun with my mind!” >VOOP!< And Mike was all “Well… I guess I’ll go then.” That would actually be fairly detrimental to the entertainment value of the show.

Oh, and I left comments on by accident but then I figured, what the hell, but then it turns out I’ve somehow hidden the comments when I was screwing around in the CSS, so comment away if you like and I’ll see if I can fix that soon.