Well, lots to say about this page. First off, page 100, yay! I alternately want to pat myself on the back for hitting 100 and shrug it off as the human need to recognize round numbers as milestones. If I was doing a proper comic this would barely be 4 issues worth of material, but I know a lot of projects, webcomics especially that died on the vine long before this, so… yay!

I’d like to have done a wallpaper or something to celebrate, but I’m a little crunched as I have to get an extra page done before Quakecon and Stripcon, both of which I’ll be attending, and both inconveniently on the same weekend. I have an idea for a wallpaper or two though. I think I’ll try and make those the vote incentives as long as I can crank them out.

I know the woefully out of date cast page says that Dabbler can’t shapeshift, and that’s still true, but she obviously has the ability to disguise herself. We’ll learn a fair amount about her on the next few pages. Also, 1 Moxana point to scantrontb. We’ll see if he’s right about any of that other stuff.

Dabbler’s introduction here is marred slightly by the fact that I wound up redrawing her at least 3 times for panel 7, trying to design her outfit and make her look especially hot, the end result is that her head’s kinda big I think. We can just pretend I drew her a bit foreshortened from the top. I rather like her boots though.

And just to be clear, Sydney’s not into girls at all, but gender preference doesn’t mean a lot to Dabbler, especially when she’s doing her succubus thing. I see a lot of succubus characters out there, but they usually seem to be succubi in name only. They rarely if ever deploy succubussy powers. That won’t be the case with Dabbler. As we see her entering on this page, she’s deploying a simple “I’m the sexiest thing you can imagine” spell.

Edit: Wow, looking at this page 9 months later… I really draw heads too big and necks too long. I really want to redraw panel 7 there. :P