Yeah, it’s no surprise that Dad was the larger influence on Sydney. More on that soon.

Lots of talk about genetics under the last page. And yes, I know brunette hair plus blond hair doesn’t necessarily equal dirty blonde, or dark blonde or light brunette or whatever Sydney is, but really, a lot of traits tend to skip generations. My paternal grandfather’s pinkies both tilted slightly inward on the last joint. My dad doesn’t have that, but I do. (It’s fairly slight, it makes no difference when wearing gloves or typing, in case you were thinking I have crazy pinky claws or something.)

The purple uniforms aren’t so weird looking, are they? I know some people were like “Purple dress uniforms? Ehhh…” I just wanted the team to have a unique color from the other branches, and yellow and orange were definitely off the table. Granted, they’re a dark, desaturated purple. English doesn’t have a lot of words to describe desaturated colors, which is a shame, because I think a medium-light desaturated purple is one of my favorite colors. There’s just no word to describe it. There are words for non-primary colors like “gun-metal blue” but even those have a much larger range than “yellow.” What some people call gun-metal blue are straight up violet, so if I google some paint swatches and say “mauve” that could be anything from pale orange to peach to lilac to periwinkle to fuchsia. Honestly I think having only like 9 solidly defined colors is a real failure for English.

Speaking of books, is anyone aware of a series in which the MC get transported to a world/time that’s hugely patriarchal, like 1500’s Europe or another world where women are uneducated baby machines/homemakers, only the MC is a woman who’s an ex-Army Ranger or a Valkyrie or even a bio-weapon super soldier or a cyborg or something? I think that would be fun to read. If it was well written. If it was just a series of “Women can’t drink beer in this bar” -One Fight Scene Later- “We were ignorant men! Thank you for showing us how wrong we were! Please drink all the beer you want!” then that would get boring quick. It would still be gratifying to read probably, but not 400 pages of just that. I’m thinking more of the requisite scenes in Isekai books where the MC invariably shows off some odd advantage they have like being 50% stronger than the typical denizen of the destination world or learns their language in two weeks or whatever. And I don’t mean like a story where a woman does math then gets chased out of town for being a witch, more like a horde of orcs attacks, and the men won’t let the women help defend, and they start getting their asses handed to them, then the ex-Valkyrie grabs a spear and annihilates the orcs like they’re 1 Hit Dice monsters and she’s a Tarrasque. Those scenes are always fun to read. I’ve just never seen it done with a female protagonist.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: I spent all weekend on the vote incentive. It’ll be done this week, I promise.

This month’s vote incentive guest stars Lana of Spying with Lana. One of my own secret agents, Pixel, is trying to assist, with various levels of success and… nudity. Well, in the Patreon versions. The Vote Incentive will give you a pretty good idea of what might go down. Here’s a dedicated post in case you want to comment.

Check out Spying with Lana. Their current vote incentive features a certain gold-plated glamazon. Also it’s a funny comic with tons of skin.    

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