The universe is like a onion lasagna, see? Or a 7-layer dip. Actually, a 20+ layer dip. Except instead of layers it’s fields, and the fields all overlap and intersect. So it’s like a 20+ layer dip in a 4-dimensional blender, but they’re still discrete layers-slash-fields, except when they’re not as I think some of the fields can become other fields temporarily and maybe in the spaces that they transition is where all the left socks go. Clear? Everyone a science expert now?

Honestly I have no idea how the fields interact, or if the giant corn chip coming down to scoop up the field-dip is god or if god is the guy throwing the party. All I know is that a 20+ layer dip sounds like too many layers until you consider that some of the layers could be barbacoa or goat-cheese. But then you’re like “well, you’re still about 9 layers shy” and you’re thinking “what if one of the layers was sliced up hot dogs and another layer was just mustard, and the bottom layer is actually a 7 layer lasagna?”

If you can’t tell, I’m not sure what else to add to this page. Super powers in the Grrl-verse require a hitherto undiscovered quantum field and Deus might have a touch of megalomania.

New incentive is up! Dabbler decided to get out of the pool, in slow motion (see the bonus comic at Patreon), possibly with added “physics.”

Cue Mele Kalikimaka.




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