The stinger is supposed to be a goof, but as I was deciding what to put there, I started thinking about if it was just a flippant statement or if it was remotely accurate. I won’t bore you with suggesting that “Benevolence” or “Good” are subjective terms because that’s something philosophers have been debating practically since words were invented. By the way, if you haven’t seen the show “The Good Place,” you really need to give it a chance. My only complaint about that show is that it wasn’t entirely just Chidi standing in front of a whiteboard explaining philosophy while being surprisingly jacked.

Words like “god” or “justice” are pretty wishy-washy as well. God (proper noun) has the disadvantage of having billions of humans believing slightly different things about him/her/it, and the very definition of a god is all over the place as well. A powerful being you say? Maxima is powerful. The leader of a country is powerful. An insubstantial being? Can do magic? Listens to prayers and occasionally grants them if you dial your confirmation bias to 11? Grants clerics power? Has a pantheon? Gets all the credit when a paramedic saves a life? Gets none of the blame for causing the car wreck in the first place? Three of the above? All of the above?

Sure, “Triangle” is pretty well defined. A lot of simple nouns and verbs are pretty well defined, but that’s really because there’s no need for a bunch of old guys with beards and spectacles to sit around and debate the meaning of the word “run.” Faster than walking, your feet come off the ground, and you aren’t hopping. Or rolling/cartwheeling I guess. Or… hanging on to a hang glider or a zipline or something. Whatever, it’s not that critical.

I think this has to be where AI always fucks up in fiction. Flynn tells Clu to make a “perfect” society in Tron land, but what the hell does “perfect” even mean? Is that even possible? How do you tell a computer what to do in exacting terms when we can’t be exact? Sure, we can define exacting functions in a programming language, but if a computer can only rely on a finite and extremely limited set of instructions, how can it bridge from that world into ours? A child can ask an infinite loop of “why,” and an AI could do that a billion times a second only to realize that we honestly have no real answers. No wonder they all eventually decide to try and kill us.

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