Sydney will eventually gain a +1 resistance to this attack given the frequency of her exposure to it.

Parfait is about three weeks past her 18th birthday, FYI. Young and inexperienced, but not so young that it’s icky.

Dabbler has been around, but there are places in the universe she conspicuously avoids. Puritania IV, for one, where people flog themselves for the amount of skin they expose bathing even though they wear shifts, and men wear penis clothespins from the age of 4. (Apparently it’s some psychotic anti-masturbation thing that some parents did in the ’40’s and ’50’s in the US. I thought I should clarify here because I’ve heard people joke about it, but I had to look it up. I actually thought it might have been something done for entertainment.)

She hasn’t been to a lot of planes of existence, but that’s because most of them are theoretical.  Their laws of physics are different enough that corporeal beings can’t exist there. Also a lot of them are just plain made up. Demons use these probably fictional planes like theological hells. “Be good little Athorgazi, or you’ll go to the Plane of Having to Pee So Bad You’ve Started to Sweat But You Have to Give a Long, Tedious Speech in Front of a Room Full of Girls You Have Crushes On when you die.”

Of course, they don’t say all that. They say “…or you’ll go to Zirluw when you die.” Demons have to memorize the names of at least 128 Planes of Escalating Annoyance and/or Aggravation from Mild to Severe before they’re considered “plane literate.” The Plane of Never Being Able to Remember Why You Walked Into a Room is on the low scale, (some of us live there already >cough<) The Plane of Really Bad Allergies But Every Time You Sneeze You Have Really Hot, Violent Diarrhea is on the higher end.

Almost done with the May incentive. Probably be up with the next monday comic.

April Vote Incentive is up! Looks like someone had better make sure their life insurance includes acts of Snu Snu.

Alternate versions over at Patreon include less cloth-y versions as usual, but also some of those color changing chokers.

Her shirt, since no one has figured out the kanji yet, says “I ahegao you. (As long as you ahegao me.)”


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