Shén wèi (according to google translate) means “divine guardian” or really “divine guard” because “divine guardian” actually translates to “Shénshèng shǒuhù zhě” which isn’t nearly as pithy sounding. I don’t know anything about Chinese, but it seems weird that changing “guard” to “guardian” so radically changes the translation. Maybe google thought I meant “a person in charge of a minor’s welfare” and not “an actual guard (but ‘guardian’ sounds cooler so let’s say that instead.)”

Not sure what else to say about this page, other than if you’re a general purpose adventurer, an AOE “fuck off” attack is critical. Being the best swordsman doesn’t help with swarms of bees or clouds of acid. If you don’t have a “Respect my Personal Space” move, you’re gonna get fucked one day. Telekinesis is one of those overly powerful powers, almost like super speed, but with TK it depends heavily on the rules of the ability. A lot of TKers can’t lift themselves, or will often struggle with lifting heavy objects or coordinating multiple things at a time. But if you have the Industrial Strength version of the power, then you’ve got pushing, pulling, lifting, flying, force fields, control over air pressure, “fuck off” blasts, kinetic blasts, dancing swords, etc. You’d never need a toolbox in your trunk because you can just make a screwdriver that matches any screw no matter how insane the manufacturer designs them. You’d never need a hammer, drill, a belt knife. Heck, you could just skin and field dress a deer (or a human) at 50 paces if you had enough precision and sharp edges in your TK.

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I’m a big fan of John Byrne’s run on “The Sensational She Hulk” and the imminent show looks very Sensational influenced. Therefore, I was inspired to draw some buff (pun intended) She Hulk, and threw in Red She Hulk for fun. Also, a wild Sydney for scale. Enjoy them posing in various outfits and lack thereof over at Patreon.


Double res version will be posted over at Patreon. Feel free to contribute as much as you like.