Galytn does have a lot of supers per capita, (Don’t worry, we’re not going to spend the next 300 pages meeting them all, hah hah.)so putting out a giant fire is going to be less of a challenge for them than it would be for a lot of countries. After all, most of them don’t have to bring a 600 gallon tank of water with them over potentially broken roads. Some of the ones that do can just carry it.

Hmm. That makes me wonder if a country that’s in the middle of building infrastructure would take supers into account. Like, instead of Superman having to rip a water tower out of the ground to upend it on a massive fire (thereby causing probably more expensive damage than just letting the local burrito stand burn down), maybe Galytn has water towers with giant handles on top and a big level that will close off all the pipes going in and out of the thing, and also detach it. Like the top of the water tower is actually just a big portable bucket.

Well, probably not. Stuff like that is definitely on Deus’s “nice to have” list, but the number of supers currently in the world who could actually make use of a system like that are incredibly rare. Yes, there are “S-Tier” supers like Maxima and Sydney, but overall, the average super in the Grrl-verse is closer to Spider-Man level and not Thor level. Crazy, bespoke infrastructure like transformer water towers is a real premium unless you can justify being able to actually use it.

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