As I was drawing this page my white guilt gland made me wonder if making an “African themed” team of superheroines was a tiny bit racist, but even as my “Hmm” gland was chewing on it, my “Duh” gland was like, “Captain America, DUH!” My conclusion being that if America gets to have a dude who wears the flag to fight supervillains and says stuff like “Thumbs up for democracy!” (I mean, he probably says stuff like that. I can’t cite a specific example off the top of my head.) then any country can have a jingoism incarnate. Granted as someone who isn’t a member of another country, I’m not going to be an expert on what their flag wearing hero should look like, but in a similar vein to the discussion from the prior page, as long as the design isn’t trying to be intentionally hurtful, it’s probably okay.

Not that you can get a great look at the whole pride here, except for… I dunno, let’s call her Tech Lioness there in the last panel, but basically the whole team is cat themed and have African looking accoutrements on their costumes. Also, I mean, I haven’t really heard anyone complaining about Black Panther or Wakanda, so I’m not going to worry about it. I just thought it was funny to worry about something like that when a character like Captain America exists. (Not to mention Super Patriot and U.S.Agent, Regular Patriot (Eli Bradley), and probably a half-dozen others)

Aaaaanyhoo. Dabbler’s plan is to wander around the Dakar market with seven million bucks worth of emeralds around her neck in order to draw out some supervillain interest. It seems likely to me that she’ll be fending off every thief within thirty miles before long though.

Those are real emeralds, BTW. As an interplanetary adventurer, Dabbler is, by the standards of Earth as well as many other places, quite wealthy. Of course, what constitutes wealth is going to vary from one society to another, but in any pre-post-scarcity society, scarcity is obviously going to be a factor. The fact that she’s gone on her share of Lara Croft Uncharted Diablo-esque Insanely Designed Mansion with Secret Underground Labyrinths Moonbase Demon Invasion Artifact Gotta Catch ‘Em All Spelunking Adventures and has found multiple treasure vaults over the years (and unlike Lara Croft, Dabbler has access to hammerspace tech, so she can walk out of those places with 100 times her body weight in treasure, instead of accidentally flooding the place with lava or whatever usually happens), means that Dabbler can actually sleep on a ridiculous pile of treasure like a dragon if she wants to. She just usually doesn’t have all that much she wants to spend money on here on Earth, so she doesn’t flaunt it often.

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The November one is almost done, it shouldn’t be quite the same wait for it as the Blue Babes one. The nude version’s already done, just have to do several layers of clothing. :)

So I have enough “Blue Babes” to do a theme. Eventually I’ll be able to fill in the whole rainbow of my own characters. I did a rainbow lineup previously for those who hadn’t seen it. I’d love to revisit that one of these days.

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