Edit: Okay, I have to cop to it. I straight up forgot that Sydney’s glasses auto translate and give her subtitles. I have no excuse for that, but my in-world justification on this page is that there’s a half dozen people shouting over each other and the subtitles are racing by too fast for her to keep up with.

This is an odd page, admittedly. To save people from having to type stuff into google translate, the jist of the page is basically:

P2 / “Block the door!” / “Yeah, right behind you!”
P4 / “How can you do this? I attended your daughter’s wedding!” / “And she’s attending school in France! You think I can afford that on my salary?” / And then a bunch of guys yelling stop/hold it/etc.
P5 / “I hope my lazy son in law will finally step up and get a job!”

I’m not sure how well google translate would do with that stuff since it was all output from GT to begin with. It’s not nuanced French. I decided to write it in French, because as I lamented previously, there’s no automatic Wolof translation service I can find, so it came down to French or Arabic, and since they’re all cops and since French is the “official” language of Senegal, I went with that mostly, though some of the smaller speech bubbles are Arabic and Wolof.

I decided to have all the speech on the page be in another language is because that’s what Sydney would experience. There’s no way they’d all be speaking English if they weren’t talking to the famous American superheroes. Sydney knows “I watched a ton of anime and I know a bunch of J-Pop songs by heart” levels of Japanese, like… 50 words in Spanish, a surprising amount of sign language, and weirdly, Morse code. Also a ton of swear words in a lot of languages. But she has no chance in this environment.

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I went a little simpler with the art this time, which is to say I didn’t add like 9 passes of lighting and detail work. I wasn’t trying to chintz out on the time input or anything, I’d been browsing around ArtStation since I like torturing myself with all the amazing art there, and found a few people who do nice clean styles that are more Arcane (the League of Legends Netflix show) than Love, Death and Robots, and by LD&R I mean the ones that are like “Look at how realistic our skin textures are!” and not the ones that are more Pixar-y or just like 2D cell art or whatever.

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