We’ll leave the girls to their ogling for a bit. I’m not actually sure what the next comic will be – it’s a toss up between continuing this meeting or flashing back to the incident that Faulk is referring to. If I was putting out the comic 3x a week it would be a no brainer to cut to it relatively quickly but even if I can tell it in 3-4 pages that’s still a month long diversion. I’m tempted to just to jump to a new setting for a bit and also get a little insight into Max. I’ll probably stick a poll up on the facebook page early Monday so the comments don’t get mired with it. I’ll link to it here once I do.

Two links to entertain you this week. One is Servants of the Imperium, which is essentially Order of the Stick, only set in the Warhammer 40K universe. I’m on a WH40K novel kick at the moment so I tore through it. It’s amusing and a little self aware at times, so you don’t have to be an expert on WH40K lore to enjoy it but it wouldn’t hurt.

The other link is an apology for letting my vote incentive languish for so long (I appreciate the continued votes BTW) Instead of working on that I did a piece for Hatefarm’s Mistress Missy Fanart Contest and before I link to it I’ll warn you that it’s super NSFW, so be warned.