This page was tough to write because of the set up. I don’t have an audience advocate involved. That is, everyone in the room is smart and fully informed of what the situation is, so there’s no one to ask leading questions that the others can answer without it sounding like exposition for the benefit of the readers. But I’ve been re-watching Buffy with the wife who’s never seen it and I was reminded by the great and mighty Whedon that sometimes smart people sometimes say funny, leading or irreverent things if they’ve been put wrong footed by one of the other characters or are distracted by secondary plot elements. (We just started season 4, haven’t gotten to Hush yet.)

Besides, this page has two of my favorite pictures of Sydney so far.

Also please enjoy the new Halloween themed vote incentive. The one with Dabbler is almost done but I’m not thrilled with some of the background work on it. I’ll let you guys know when it’s available on the DA page.

Edit: Updated image with 5 o’clock shadow and the cigar smoke. I always forget the smoke.