Not speaking to Dabbler in sexualized terms and stark innuendo is something she considers a micro-aggression. It’s culturally insensitive and racist against succubi, and she will report you to a very exhausted, frustrated HR person. At least she used to do that until Maxima figured it was just a way to try and wind everybody up, and read her the riot act.

Succubi are perfectly capable of cultural assimilation, as previously mentioned, they were created to be spies and assassins as much as they were sex toys. Of course, everyone might take “Cultural Chameleon 101” at Succubus finishing school, but that doesn’t mean they all finish the 401 level course. Dabbler, for instance, is kind of bad at a lot of things that make for a traditional succubus. She only finished the 201 course before she got distracted by “Mana Imbued Weapon Forging 301” She is, however, one of the last ones you’d want to get into a fight with. Sure, there are some scary powerful Succubi mages out there – succubi with a regular influx of tantric magic become effectively ageless and can develop absurd mana pools – and there are plenty of dangerous ones that have fully embraced the “Spies and Assassin” portion of their nature, but Dabbler’s “Jill of all Trades” approach to combat makes her especially difficult to deal with.

The one weakness most succubi have with their glamors is that very few of them are capable of disguising themselves as anything other than distractingly attractive women. Like, if a succubus can make herself an 8, she’s considered advanced. It’s a considerable drawback if they’re trying to infiltrate a fortress or a wizard school or something, so long as the people there are aware of this limitation. This also tends to make life harder for any women who show up and also happen to be unusually attractive if an organization is worried about succubus spies and the like. Also, consider what the average serf probably used to look like, then imagine some woman who’s a 9.5 trying to slip in with the crowd. So succubi usually had to try and pass themselves off as some sort of rare non-inbred nobility, usually from a foreign land. Of course there are a lot of fairy tales about the peasant woman who was so beautiful that she either won the heart of the prince or drew the ire of the queen/sorceress. Usually both of those things happen in tales like that. I think there’s a good chance Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) was a succubus sent to take out the evil queen in a weirdly roundabout way. Then she marries the prince, and the Succumancer who forged Aurora (or just holds her leash) gets to move into the castle and become the court wizard, living in luxury.

The only way succubi can get around their glamor limitations without a shitload of training is to use the “Eye of the Beholder” variant glamor. This lets them appear as someone’s perfect mate, and since people are all over the place when it comes to personal preference, it’s usually not too hard for them to find someone who has a… non-mainstream taste in women. Just because they use that person’s preferences to form the glamor doesn’t mean they have to go up and introduce themselves. The ones practiced in this version of the spell can just find some guy who likes, for example, hirsute women with a strong nose and a tendency to hit people with a rolling pin because maybe that reminds them of their mom, then they skulk off into the crowd and use that disguise to infiltrate the keep that’s full of guards who know to keep a lookout for any woman that makes everyone’s codpieces eject and fly across the courtyard.

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