Exposition by way of ignorant character acting as audience projectee is vital, you guys.

Dabbler asking “Is that something they teach in schools here?” sounds condescending on its face, but she’s been to a lot of planets and it’s hard to keep that stuff straight. She’s like someone who works at CERN alongside people with multiple advanced degrees being selected to go to (rolls dice) Tonga and giving a talk about (rolls dice) M-Theory. I don’t know much about Tonga without googling it, maybe they’re insanely well educated? At the same time, maybe the average American doesn’t know what transformers actually do or how they work. I’d actually be willing to put some money on that.

In the Grrlverse, just as in many LitRPG/Cultivation novels, an abundance of mana can cause several things to happen spontaneously. Dungeons is one of those things. It can crystalize in various forms and has different names depending on where you are. Magicite, Materia, Chakrum, “Dem glowy things,” etc. It can also form other types of cores besides dungeons, namely monster cores, but also weapon cores, airship cores, all manner of things.

Earth is currently a “Middle Lower Class” planet as far as mana density goes. It doesn’t prevent magic from being used, but mana regen/enchanted item recharge takes a lot longer, and you don’t get many spontaneous mana events. Not none, just enough to inspire a lot of folk tales.

The Twilight Council want to up Earth’s ambient mana to Upper Lower Class, maybe even Lower Middle Class. Enough to give them all a lot more breathing room, but not enough for Earth to suddenly go LitRPG and spontaneously install a System.

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