Sorry about the word bubble octopus there in the first panel. Please no one tell Scott McCloud, or I’m certain I will be added to his List, and he and his presumed gang of comic luminaries will track me down at a comic convention and shiv me.

My guess would be that demons would be either into human slice of life stuff if they have a xenoanthropological interest, or saccharine cutesy stuff like My Little Pony or Adventure Time or whatever – OR – they’d be into stuff with demons in it so they could have a good laugh at all the crazy stuff humans think demons get up to.

Has anyone ever done a story where a demon gets possessed by a human, (probably by accident, I imagine) and the human has to navigate the demon world and pretend to be a demon, and go to his demon day job and hang out with that demon’s friends in order to not arouse suspicion and get a crack team of reverse exorcists put on his trail? Cause I would probably read that. I mean, a humorous version of that, not some grimdark version. It would be a unique isekai, that’s for sure.

BTW, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but Kill 6 Billion Demons is a fantastic webcomic that has insane, Sergio Aragones levels of detail at times. And somehow the guy doing it still has time to get physical books printed up, so naturally Sydney’s comic shop would carry it.

I have a cool surprise for you. It turns out, after doing Azumanga Diaoh, which, weirdly enough is one of my favorite animes, Kiyohiko Azuma went and made a 15-and-counting volume manga about Sydney as a 5 year old.

Okay, obviously, he didn’t do exactly that. But he really very nearly basically did. It is called Yotsuba.

<—- Yotsuba looks like this, and is a proper ADHD poster child.

Here is a link to it on Amazon.

And here is a link to a scanlation site, which I kind of feel like I shouldn’t link, but it’s not like you guys don’t know how to use google and honestly I want you guys to check it out and be like “Yup, that is eerily Sydney-ish.”

I feel like I’m late to the party because I just noticed the manga on Amazon is listed starting in 2009, but I just found this and am enjoying reading through it.


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