Sydney’s obviously a little hyped up with her recent conquest. She’s got the sass.

The little mini comics at the bottom aren’t necessarily canon but in this case they’re basically what happened between panels 8 and 9, because I’m unable to edit myself and want to do a single page with 17 panels on it. :/

Next week I’m not planning on having a regular comic, as most people will be on break and not up to their usual routines. Personally I’m looking for even more things to entertain me online over the Xmas holiday but there it is. I will have a guest piece up so be sure to check in at least once, and I will be hauling my gear home to my parents and drawing – I really need to build at least a one comic buffer so I don’t have to put up a comic in pieces like with #120 if ever a con rolls through town or heck, if I lose power over the weekend or something.