Quite a few people mentioned in the comments on the prior page that OG Doctor Who had a budget of about £17 per episode, and the sweaters that I identified as UNIT specific costuming was probably just a standard British Army “jumper.” I put jumper in quotes, because while I know that’s what the Brits call sweaters, to this particular American, the term “jumper” makes me think of the onsie you put on a toddler. Since wearing the kit of foreign militaries, no matter how long we’ve been allies, is probably frowned upon, I experimentally tried changing the color of Maxima’s top to Archon’s purple so I could call it a domestic piece of gear, but I couldn’t get it to look quite right. The next time it shows up I might give it another crack at it, then retcolor (a portmanteau of retcon and color that’s probably more confusing than helpful) the prior page to match.

Maxima doesn’t really like going down to the comic shop for the reason she mentioned on the prior page, and as she’s doing a chili run, why not send her teleporter for a spot check?

Sydney has been excluded from the veil since her first encounter with the Twilight Council, so a physical disguise would be needed to fool her. Of course, a non-Veil dependent illusory or glamor based disguise would still work – unless she Crazy Ivan’d with the Comm Orb. That said, the cap and nose/glasses disguise was absolutely not enough to hide the fact that Kraken is like 9 feet tall and also a swole Cthulhu. She’s just funnin’.

There’s not a lot going on in this page, and I’ll tell you why. (Buckle up because this is barely going to make sense.) Most people who do digital color work intended for the web or print work at 300 DPI as far as I’m aware. It looks good scaled down, and it’s high res enough for printing, at least on a comic book sized page. Maybe for a cover piece or something intended for a poster you’d want to work a little higher res. I work at 600 DPI, because why not? My computer has 64GB of ram (which is honestly probably excessive) and my CPU/GPU can easily handle it, even with a file with 27 layers. Except, I kind of don’t really work at 600 dpi? Sure, the page is 6300 x 4050 pixels at 600 dpi, but given that my average page is divided up into 9 panels, I’m really working on 9 little pages, each at like 67 DPI? Okay, that math is a little suspect, but when I have to draw a little figure, like Harem leaning in the door in panel 3, it feels like trying to draw with one of those horse-leg-sized kindergartens crayons gripped in my fist, and I can’t get any detail in the picture. Yes, I know it’s going to be shrunk down to be 25 pixels high on the web-resolution comic page and being able to draw individual eyelashes on a figure that small would be a colossal waste of time, but my point is that I want to draw larger panels now and again with lots of detail, and a huge guy getting his flex on seems like a good candidate for an occasional large panel.

The new vote incentive is up! Crimson and Scarlett have a present for Ingsol!

It’s them, they’re the present. They’ve decided that “Sire-versaries” are a thing and Ingsol has to be convinced this is a good idea each time. Everyone thinks his pair of names-that-are-synonyms-with-red sirelings who are both women and who were both turned in that age range that ensure peak hotness means he’s a dirty old man, but he actually isn’t. It just worked out that way. And don’t forget that while it looks like there’s a 25 year age gap between the girls and him, it’s actually much worse, as he is 700 years old, while Scarlett is something like 180 and Crimson is only 40. But at the same time it’s meaningless as they were both fully adults when they got turned, so it’s all copacetic.

As usual, Patreon has the pair of them in various states of undress.

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