Happy leap comic! If today wasn’t a leap year, it would make zero difference in when you received this page, so… there’s that?

Don’t feel too bad, Sydney. Don’t know you that you’re judged by your enemies’ regard for you? Also your sensibly cautious allies. This containment solution would also work pretty well against mages. At least the ones that need to wiggle their fingers to cast spells. The fact that the chair is obviously designed for someone who is exactly 5 feet tall? You know, mages are from the olden times when people didn’t have as much food and were usually shorter… no, this room was designed for you.

BTW, I know a taser doesn’t really knock people out, at least not for an extended period of time, but when Harem needs someone knocked out immediately, she goes for the taser-sedative combo. Also she just wanted to taze Sydney.

BTW, it’s obnoxious that Noun Taser is spelled with an “s” but Verb Taze is spelled with a “z.” Like, was there a word “tase” that the committee in charge of such things were worried people were going to confuse it with? I know “taser” is actually an acronym for “Tom A. Swift Electric Rifle” but the guy could have done us all a favor and changed his last name to Zwift, so both the noun and verb have a “z” in them. Also there’s a million dudes named “Swift” but probably a lot fewer named “Zwift.” You have to have a unique name if you want to be famous. Imagine if Einstein’s last name was Jones or Smith. Or if Ernst Mach’s last name was something boring like Johnson? Or if it didn’t happen to be cool, and instead was something like Longbottom? The movie Firefox would have been a lot different if Clint Eastwood was like “Let’s push it to Longbottom 4.”

My point is, have a cool name if you’re going to invent or name something.

The new vote incentive is up! This is a bit of a weird one as it’s a character that hasn’t appeared in the comic.

It’s my Ifrit Pathfinder 1e monk, Fray! Ifrits don’t really make great monks in Pathfinder, as player characters they get a +2 to Dex and Cha, but -2 to Wis. For monks, Dex is good, Cha is largely irrelevant, but Wis is important as it can add to your AC and also has something to do with Ki points I think. But I didn’t care. I wanted a character with dark blue/gray skin and glowing orange hair, so that’s what I picked. (I don’t think Ifrit even really have dark skin, so maybe she’s 1/4 Drow? Don’t care. I think she looks cool.) Will she show up in the comic? I mean… maybe? Probably in a Dabbler flashback, but who knows?

As usual, Patreon has her in delicto flagrante.

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