Hey babe, you didn’t say you were bringing the guy I’ve been having disjointed yet vivid sex dreams about. A little heads up would have helped avoid this awkward situation. But then, that’s what dating is about, isn’t it? A bunch of awkward stuff potentially followed by an entirely different kind of awkward stuff. Assuming the first set of awkwardness wasn’t too awkward and the threshold for proceeding to, let’s call it, advanced awkwardness, was met by both parties.

You might be tempted to assume from the above that my own personal dating history won’t become the inspiration for the next great romance novel.

. . .

Anyway, Frix is a pretty open minded guy and understands what Sydney went through, vis a vis borrowed memories. He’s just fronting for her benefit, which is scoring well if the gigglometer is registering correctly.

The new one is coming soon!

The new vote incentive is up! This is a bit of a weird one as it’s a character that hasn’t appeared in the comic.

It’s my Ifrit Pathfinder 1e monk, Fray! Ifrits don’t really make great monks in Pathfinder, as player characters they get a +2 to Dex and Cha, but -2 to Wis. For monks, Dex is good, Cha is largely irrelevant, but Wis is important as it can add to your AC and also has something to do with Ki points I think. But I didn’t care. I wanted a character with dark blue/gray skin and glowing orange hair, so that’s what I picked. (I don’t think Ifrit even really have dark skin, so maybe she’s 1/4 Drow? Don’t care. I think she looks cool.) Will she show up in the comic? I mean… maybe? Probably in a Dabbler flashback, but who knows?

As usual, Patreon has her in delicto flagrante.

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