So we’ve got some due diligence dialog to get through. Some of this and the next page or two is stuff that I might have skipped, but then I’d still have to make sure that I made it clear that she actually, officially joined the team – so I figure I’ll just show it and sneak in a few jokes along the way.

Oh, also I somehow managed to get Sydney’s eye color wrong in her pinup, I’ve fixed it at the DA site so re-download that if you like.

Did you know you can read Grrl Power in Español? Well I can’t, because I can’t read Spanish! Hiyoooo! JoseB has been diligently translating the pages and posting them as Las Chicas son Guerreras, which more or less means “The Girls are Warriors” as apparently there isn’t quite a direct Spanish translation of “Grrl Power,” or at least something with a similar sentiment. Here’s a better explanation.

JoseB held a fanart contest with some cute results. I’ve posted them over at the DeviantArt page, along with translations of the word bubbles where appropriate. Check them out below.