I hope I haven’t misjudged the pacing here by not sticking to the conversation from the previous page, but 1) I felt I was getting a little too deep in the weeds. Even though it’s fair to levy that criticism at most of the comic so far, I think I need to start becoming a better self editor and try and take a step back every once in a while and think about the pacing. I don’t think omitting  Sydney’s condition breaks anything, ’cause of course it will be brought up at some point in the future. 2) People basically guessed what it was in the comments on the previous page. 3) I have so much story and so many jokes I want to get to, but I still have a bunch of stuff that I need to fit into the first day, otherwise some of it starts to make less sense as time goes on. Or I just chalk it up to Sydney being unobservant until the correct time I guess.

I really need to introduce the two guys in the middle panel at some point soon.

Be sure to check the updated vote incentive, now in dazzling Technicolor, with soft colored ink lines. I really like the way that looks, but it just adds too much time to make doing it on the comic pages practical. I’ll post once the Valentines Day Sex Drive version is up)

In the meantime, I’ve been reading Juniper, which is a little hard to describe. My Little Pony meets Workaholics with a dash of Adventure Time? But staring a dragon and a unicorn. That’s actually a terrible description, but the comic amuses me. It’s just getting started so you should be able to get caught up over a lunchbreak. Get in on the ground floor!