Surprise! Random double sized page for you. I’ve been trying to avoid cramming 12 panels onto a page, but there was no way to do this one the way I wanted without breaking it up weirdly or just smashing the panels to microscopic proportions, so this is my solution.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to update the vote incentive yet, I’ll try and have that tomorrow evening. I need to figure out something else to do for the incentives. I like doing them but some of them take as long as doing an entire page, and quite frankly I’d rather spend the time on another story page, and I’d imagine some of you would prefer I do anything I can to pick up the pace as well. I’ll do the Dabbler’s Science Corner as promised but maybe next month I’ll post teaser images of pencils from the next page or something.

Edit: Oh, and I just found out about this: is having their annual webcomic popularity contest, so if you like, you can go vote for Grrl Power to get us seeded into the starting bracket. No idea how far we’d get in the actual tourney but it’d be fun to try! Oh, and I should mention that you can vote for more than one comic in this seeding round, so you don’t have to play favorites quite yet. :)

Edit 2: The Comicmix tournament has started properly, and it’s single elimination, so go get em! (And thanks for the support!) Unfortunately their page is overloaded with all the polls it’s almost unusable, at least on my work laptop, but maybe perseverance it part of the tournament. We’re up against Scenes from a Multiverse, which is a pretty funny comic by a veteran webcomicer. It has sort of a Futurama vibe to it. Also, I’m not sure if you can vote just once, or in each bracket, their facebook/poll plugin is acting a bit squirrely for me, so, you know, just in case, vote for Grrl Power first. :)