And so Sydney finally meets Anvil. Hopefully people aren’t too disappointed in how this turned out. After posting the previous page I saw a lot of speculation and some good ideas. Part of me wanted to incorporate a few but I had already drawn the page (yay one page buffer!)  I decided it was best to stick with my initial idea – I’m sure a lot of people wanted to see Sydney wipe the floor with Math but if she can crush the best fighter on the team when he’s actually trying, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for her to grow. At least one suggestion from the comments made it on the page after next though. :)

Sydney didn’t get hit in the shin all that hard. It was more her overreaction that made her kick her leg over her head. Tomorrow she’ll be feeling those splits a lot more than the bruise on her leg.

This page does answer the question as to whether or not the orbs would ever hit Sydney. If’ they’re floating above her, trailing behind her of being called to her hand, the answer is no, but in this case she was making them fly wildly around her.

And for the ComicMix tournament… we came in 6 votes short of Order of the Stick which is seriously impressive, so seriously, thanks for all the votes. I’ll have to wait till they post the next bracket to see if we made it though. I know of at least two people that donated to the Hero Initiative and put their votes to Grrl Power, so it’s down to if anyone did the same for OotS.

We’re in! Down to the final 16, so please vote! We’re up against a comic called Ava’s Demon, which I had never heard of before this tournament, but they’ve done really well in the tourney so far, and the comic has gorgeous art. So check them out if you like and vote!

Oh, and the regular vote incentive is updated.