The List started out as a throwaway joke, but the more times it comes out, the more I think about what’s in it and what it takes to actually get in it. (Besides anything that falls under the rule of funny really.)

Of course, understanding “3 moves ahead” and employing it in a fight are two entirely different things. Just cause Sydney’s now familiar with the idea doesn’t actually make her some sort of indomitable fighter, though it probably doesn’t make her any less dangerous either. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it’s something you hear a lot in relation to anything that involves strategy. Chess, boardgames, RTSs. Basically it just means thinking ahead of your opponent’s reactions to your actions and always working to outmaneuver them. Deploying it in a fast moving fight is yet another skillset entirely, and it’s a fair bet that Math is thinking quite a bit further ahead than just 3 moves. In fact as soon as someone takes a swing at him he probably knows how he’s getting home after the fight and what he’s having for dinner.

I didn’t get a chance to do a new vote incentive this weekend, but I found an old picture of Max that I hadn’t posted to the DA page, so I figure I’d throw it up for now. It’s not bad, and you get to see a little of the evolution of her outfit in it.