And if anime has taught us anything, it’s that Leon is trapped in that locker with a girl. And they’re both naked. Well you know, certain kinds of anime. BTW I know the word is “bosom,”  I just think it’s funnier sounding with the extra “s” on the end.

Speaking of anime, I’ll be doing a panel at A-kon this year, panel “Humor-Based Webcomics 1 – Humor in Story” where hopefully I’ll have something more poignant to say than “Think of funny stuff and write it down.” Here’s a link to the page with the webcomic panels.  I won’t have a table in artist’s alley or anything since I have nothing to sell yet, but if there’s enough readers there and interest, maybe we can organize a group lunch or dinner.

This page wasn’t planned originally, but one or two people mentioned that they’d like a little fair play since we got to see into the ladies locker room. However with the addition of the imagined shower scene the girls remain ahead by one. Still, I think the page came out pretty good. That Hiro guy can’t seem to keep his shirt on can he? After I drew him I thought that guys are probably required to wear undershirts when decking out in their military finery, but that would interfere with the point of this page, so I guess Hiro will get his shirt tucked in and his belt buckled before realizing he forgot it.

Thanks for all the superhero book recommendations. (In the comments for the previous page in case you missed it.) There seems to be quite a bit of material out there but Amazon does a poor job of categorizing superhero novels together. I’ll have to come up with another post and review them after I’ve gotten through some of the suggestions.

Also, there’s a new webcomic app out, currently only for iOS, called Comic Chameleon. It lets you read panel by panel which is a good solution for tiny phone screens, and it’s the first app to my knowledge that works with artists and pays them some portion of their ad revenue. Due to the added effort of setting up the comics for panel by panel reading, they’ve launched it with only 25 comics, but are working continually to add more, so I encourage you to pester them to add Grrl Power on their twitter or facebook accounts, as well as any of your other favorite comics they don’t already have.