I know some people are a little impatient with the press conference, so I’m compressing it a little, I think it will only last 5 or 6 more pages, and I’m also making sure that I’m not repeating myself. Most of what’s been talked about is new information and nearly everything we’ve yet to cover should be as well.

Here’s a fun article about (tabletop) Superhero RPGs.  Personally I think the Marvel RPG was the best one. Not the SAGA one. The 1984 version that got honorable mention. The reason it was so memorable was that instead of having numbers for ability scores, there were ranks. Feeble, Poor, Typical, Good, Excellent, Remarkable, Incredible, Amazing, Monstrous, Unearthly, Shift X, Y, Z, Class 1000, 3000, 5000, and Beyond. Not “and beyond” like et cetera. Beyond was an actual rank. How is that not the best stat system in the world for a superhero game? My friends and I always thought there should be a “Marvelous” rank in between Remarkable and Incredible, and there was probably room for one more rank in between Incredible and Amazing.

Anyway, Dabbler is a highly evolved version of a character I rolled up in the game. Basically there was a table you’d roll percentile dice against for origin (mutant, altered human, cyborg, etc) and I rolled a 00 which meant roll for a dual origin, then I rolled 00 again. I think she started off as an alien mutant cyborg? It made me think it’d be funny to have a character that was basically a little bit of everything and she evolved from there.

As for the rest of the games on that list, I’ve played about half of them. And when I say played, I mean my friends and I had a bad habit of buying RPGs, learning the character generation systems, building characters, then never actually playing the game. I’m a terrible rules rapist, trying to min/max and squeeze every last drop out of character generation systems. If I remember my timeline correctly, Maxima’s power set evolved from an exploit I found in the Champions system where I was able to build a 250 point character that could transform into five different forms (like Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk) each with 200 points to spend, only all 5 bodies looked exactly the same. So he had a super strong body, a super fast body, super armored, etc, and he played it off like he had all those powers at once, which made him seem like a 1000 point character in a 250 point world. That idea merged with the new “Silver Surfer only gold and female” chick I was drawing since she didn’t have a powerset at the time. She just existed so I could draw a “nude” shiny chick. Obviously like Dabbler, she evolved pretty far from her origins as well.