Just a bit of montage here, which I don’t like doing since it doesn’t leave you guys quite as much to chat about. I wrote an introduction for Anvil, but it turned into a whole page of material. I feel bad for cutting it because Anvil hasn’t had enough screen time yet in my estimation, but while it was stuff that helped flesh her out, it’s not like I can’t sprinkle it in later.

That press pit would look a lot more convincing if I had the time to sprinkle in a bunch of press vans all over the lawn there but you know what they say, there’s perfect, and there’s done.

Oh, and after I had finished coloring Max’s hair in panel 2, my wife pointed out to me that keeping your hair in a bun that tight requires about a thousand bobby pins, which would be doubly the case for Max as her hair is a bit slipperier than regular hair, but… oh well, maybe Dabbler gave her a magic scrunchy.

I also had a longer interview for Maxima originally as well, but this is one of the times where I think the rule of funny wouldn’t have worked. Basically some “National Enquirer” type journalist stands up and asks Max what her measurements are, and her response was to ask what his are, which devolves into a “Whip it out, let’s all have a look.” taunting and in one version of the scene she even wades out into the reporters and tears the guy’s pants off, sending him flipping into the air. In my head that’s totally in character for her, but… probably not the sort of thing that you get away with if you’re active duty and in your dress… aubergines (what did we decide was the coolest name for dark purple?) and on camera.  Really the whole press conference was a lot more rowdy, but that was before I had thought through the consequences of them being a military organization. I know any of you guys reading who were actually in the military probably think Archon is laughably undisciplined, but believe me some of the stuff that’s getting left on the cutting room floor made them look like a WWE match gone off script.