I kind of wish I had left Sydney’s eyepatch on, and the bump on her forehead from the head desk on page 122 to have the accumulated “battle damage” even before she gets into a proper fight.

The point of this page, besides showing some immediate fallout from Sydney’s… well, fallout, is that I think I’ve neglected to show Maxima’s animosity with the press enough. Though really mostly her complaint with the press is the bias and fear mongering and shoehorning complex issues down to sound bites, and the press have given them like 2 hours of undivided attention. Of course that doesn’t mean there won’t be all that stuff going on once the endless news cycle and decidedly non-expert analysis starts up. (Though who is an expert at this sort of thing I guess?)

Thanks to everyone who did some shopping via that Amazon referral link, I only get a tiny bit from each sale but it adds up and helps with defraying the cost of emergency hard drives and whatnot.

BTW I know I haven’t updated the vote incentive like I had planned, but I do have an excuse. I’ll just say this; I’m not sure what it says about French Onion Dip that I couldn’t tell it had expired 10 days ago… so, yeah. The following day was… slightly less productive than I had hoped. I’ll try and put up something different soon.