Dabbler’s crack about the urologist makes me giggle every time I read it. I mean… chuckle in a very manly way. I had to rewrite the demon’s line a little – originally it was “worlds will burn to herald my arrival” which is far more dramatic but doesn’t set up Dabbler’s line very well. It’s so nice when the bad guys are accommodating like that. So yeah, Dabbler’s long adventuring career makes her a valuable asset to the team, but it does come with some baggage.

The original version of this page had a bit more of a visual analog between Max and the demon guy, but his design evolved in the last few years (that is to say, as I was drawing him this time.) Speaking of which I have original rough pencils of Maxima’s portion of the demonstration that I drew about 4 years ago posted over at DeviantArt for those interested. The most significant difference is that originally, apparently Halo wasn’t in on Maxima’s little stunt. Obviously that part had to be rewritten, cause it was dumb. Also I had to cut up the pages differently because if I had left the big boom as the first panel of one page, the prior page had this cliffhanger that totally telegraphed what was going to happen IMO. I do like the side view of the explosion sweeping over Halo’s shield there on the 4th page. I probably could have kept that.