Now I know what you’re thinking, guys like that don’t frequent comic shops, but I myself hit a 300 lb bench press last year so it’s not impossible. Of course, I was never as cut as this guy and have since shredded my shoulder and am now recovering from surgery on it… I’m just saying it’s not impossible. My local shop, Zeus comics in Dallas used to be next to a sports nutrition shop, I think I was one of the only customers that went from getting a protein smoothie and a jug of creatine and then walked next door for my Gold Digger and manga.

Anyway, you can see why Sydney might have a little crush on the guy, after dealing with the usual doughy affair that frequents her establishment.

I toyed with marking this one NSFW as it does have a little boob in it, but, and no offense to Sydney, it’s not… a lot of boob. When we get to the real cheesecake, I’ll put a (NSFW) in the title so you can judge if you want to click on that RSS link or wait till you get home.