In case you’re not clear what the Hammerspace thing is about, check here.

Sydney’s patented non-sequitur questions were supposed to be a running thing, but I kept cutting those jokes for other content. It is not clear at this time whether they are a result of her ADD or if she’s just being impish. This one feels half and half.

I’m sure the idea of aliens being time traveling evolved humans is far from original, it’s just something that occurred to be while playing Star Control and listening to some of the dialog from the Arilou Lalee’lay.

Tangential to Sydney’s power greed here, I never understood why heroes or villains never tried to hoard powers and super gadgets/artifacts. Why doesn’t a bad guy who captures Hawkeye take all his arrows and figure out how to replicate his explosive arrowheads and have a pocket full of massively powerful-smaller than a golfball sized explosives? Or why heroes don’t confiscate bad guys superweapons and add them to their arsenal. Sure, sometimes they’re evil artifacts or there’s some other reason why that would be a bad idea, but sometimes there would be no possible downside to adding the bad guys’ stuff to your bag of tricks, other than it would make the hero OP and create writing challenges. I still think it would be fun to read. The bad guy has defeated a whole team of heroes, and the one guy, lets call him “The Hoarder” cause that’s what everyone else does, he shows up with Excalibur strapped to his back, Mjölnir on his belt, Star Emperor’s comic bracelets, the Chartreuse Lantern’s pinky ring, Apollomese’s boots of fleet footedness, a dozen things in his utility belt copied or stolen from the Trixter, the Trapster, the Tripster, the Flipster, the Flapster and the Candlestick Maker – all that on top of his own suite of powers and the bad guy’s just all “Oh COME ON!”

After drawing Sydney’s slightly baggy jeans and Maxima’s cargo pants, I tend to forget that women’s jeans often to contain way more elastic than mens, which is what makes them so much more “hey look at my ass.” (Also “hey look at my pantyline” and/or “No pantyline? Time to play guess if I’m wearing a thong.”) I drew Dabbler standing there next to Sydney in panel 5 in baggy pants and couldn’t figure out what was off about the picture until I remembered this fact and gave them the vacuum seal treatment. Incidentally, the “Hey look at my ass” factor is why women’s pants as often as not don’t have back pockets (or front). Yes sir, comfort and utility are a distant second and third when it comes to women’s fashion. As a guy, I admit that generally works to my benefit, but if I was a gal I would be massively irritated all the time at clothing that doesn’t have pockets. I won’t even buy pajamas that don’t have pockets.


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