You can’t expect me to jump straight to 100% speed lines and explosions. You know villains and their monologing, which is fine as it gives me time to get one more thing in order before it all goes to hell. The exchange between Max and Arianna would play better animated, but hopefully it makes sense.

Anvil makes a guest appearance in another superhero comic called Heroes of CRASH. The comic is quite entertaining but I suspect the art style might not do it for everyone. Still, in my opinion, I think if you have a story to tell, it’s better to go ahead and tell it than just sit on it and wait for all the stars to align. Before I give the link let me set up the page a little, Heroes of CRASH has a superheroine named Titanium Maiden who is also a muscular redhead, hence the obvious potential for an Anvil cameo. Maybe one day myself or some other artist should wrangle up all the muscular red heads and draw them all in one picture. I already have two pictures of Anvil and Xane (draw by Fred Perry). In fact you can see them both if you search “xane gold digger” which I caution is mildly NSFW since it’s pictures of a muscular black woman with red hair mostly in bikinis. I should post both of those to the DeviantArt page come to think of it.

 I’m not sure of the hows and whys, but Grrl Power has moved on to the final 8! Thanks for all your support so far, but I assume it’ll only get tougher from here on out! Go vote and tell your friends! Remember, you vote using the checkboxes under the brackets, not any of the links within the brackets.


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