This outcome is a little predictable, but only if you know what Anvil’s powers are, which haven’t actually been stated in the comic yet. Her ability to absorb kinetic energy combined with her grappling skills makes her incredibly well suited to fight other strong arms and bricks. As some people suggested on the prior page of comments, it would have been funny if this guy wasn’t actually a brick, but had some other powers and just happened to be a roided out bodybuilder, but Anvil needed a moment to shine I thought.

This page is a double because small action doesn’t look good, but I don’t want to “split the clause” and spread out a big paneled page into two posts if I can avoid it. I may have to a few times just because of the complexity of some of the scenes, but I’d like to avoid that as much as possible.

 You guys are awesome, Grrl Power is on to the final 4! We’re up against MonsterKind, which is quite a nicely drawn comic. If we make it past them, we’ll be at the finals, I assume up against Ava’s Demon, which swept the tournament last year, though the readers over at Paranatural could rally. I definitely need to find some time to read those. Remember, you vote using the checkboxes under the brackets, not any of the links within the brackets.


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