Yes, Maxima had her jacket on the back of her chair the whole time. You can check. And her gun I guess… which you probably shouldn’t do with your firearm, but it is a private party, the room is full of supercops, and a regular human would have a hell of a time pulling the trigger.

Maxima isn’t dodging lasers and lightning, she’s dodging the people shooting those things at her, the same way a ninja supposedly can dodge an arrow or bullet by watching the person doing the shooting.

There are a few more cameos premiering on this page, but I’ll save pointing them out for when they get a close up. Another thing about this page, I reserve the right to come back and make tweaks to the villains that appear on it. Like I’ve said, some of these guys are chaff, so I didn’t put quite the same amount of time into designing them as I did the minibosses.

Here’s a few links for you.

 Amazing! We’re in the ComicMix finals! We’re up against Paranatural, which I’ll admit I haven’t had a chance to read through, but it looks fun. The page they have up now makes me want to find the time. I encourage you to go check them out. Voting is sure to be fierce! Tell you friends! Like! Share! Retweet! Ride through town on a horse with (no name) a lantern or a bell or something!

I made that Status Quola gag into a shirt, cause I thought it would be ok as a standalone gag. And the barcode actually resolves to something now. (It’s just the URL to this page, where else?)

Superbitch is doing a kickstarter for her first book if’n you’re interested. It’s one of my favorite superhero webcomics.

And finally, speaking of Patreon, we finally hit the $2000 milestone, which is pretty boggling to me still.  Anyway, it means I’ll start steaming for an hour or so once a week. Or more, we’ll see. I’m sitting in front of the computer drawing anyway so I may as well stream. Obviously that’s only for people who want stuff super spoiled, but I promise not to stream any pages with major stuff on it like the opening of the tube or the skilltree reveal, but those only come around so often. I’ll probably chat and do Q&A while I’m doing that but we’ll see how it all goes since I can’t draw and type at the same time. I’m not sure when I’ll stream, the best way will be to follow me on Twitter, because that seems to be the best way to throw spontaneous stuff out there. I may also settle into doing it at a predictable time on the weekends as well.

Edit: Well that may be a record, four separate grammar errors. I apologize for that. They should be fixed now, if you CTRL+F5 the page.