Yes he was indeed trapped in there with her and not the other way around as most people predicted. Hopefully even if it was predictable the execution was amusing/cringe inducing. There were several ways Sydney could have dealt with him but this is the most straightforward. Really anyone getting within 3-4 meters of her is risking a similar fate, but of course, some supervillains might not be as dramatically affected by the orb blitz for various reasons. Originally I drew a 7-10 split instead of the Homerun marquee, complete with pins and one of the orbs in place of the bowling ball, but then I realized I’d used the 7-10 split gag already.

Streaming! I will attempt to do this today. Assuming you want to watch me ink and also want to see the page I’m working on spoiled. It’s not an earth shattering plot development just some fighting. I’ll post the link here when I figure out what the best service is for it. I had it all figured out before my hard drive crashed several months ago and now I don’t remember if I’ve got myself set up again. I’ll shoot for 12-1 pm CST but I may start earlier while I’m getting stuff sorted out. Stream’s done. I’ll see if there’s a better way to do it in the future.

So apparently, Grrl Power won the ComicMix tournament! Well, Paranatural edged us out in actual votes, not by a lot, but some of you guys dropped a few buck on the paid votes, which I admit to having mixed feelings about. Paid votes do make it feel a little too much like actual politics, but I’m not complaining, and the money does go to that fund. Thanks for all your support throughout the tournament! I think the prize is just exposure, but maybe I can convince them to make a little badge for me. Not for the comic. For me, to wear on a gold chain.

In other news, remember the Master of Understatement gag from page 193? Well, people requested a standalone version of it, and I made it then forgot to link it anywhere. So here it is, along with a larger one you can reduce to whatever size you need.




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