So hey looks like plot might be getting out of neutral here. Just a little but it’s something anyway. I should probably say, if you haven’t checked out the cast page yet, and you don’t want to know the answer until it’s revealed in the comic… well, stay away from the cast page. It’s mostly information about characters that haven’t even shown up yet anyway.And in any case it’s not like you couldn’t make a fairly educated guess after reading this page anyway, at least put you in the ballpark. That’s the problem with spectator omniscience, is that you’re given such a limited slice of the characters’ lives that any line of dialogue or any character they meet has that added significance so very little can actually be surprising. “Who ever could the traitor on board the Enterprise be in Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country? Maybe it’s the only new officer introduced at the beginning of the film?” Well durr, but they still have to burn half an hour of the movie while the crew tries to figure it out.

On another note, I think the funniest answer to “What’s in the poster tube?” has to be “It’s full of posters!” especially when it’s clear you’re making shit up on the spot anyway. I mean, besides being hugely unimaginitive, why would she be carrying them around with her day after day, like what, she forgot to put them up when she got home, for however many weeks or months it’s been, so hey, why not take them back to work and carry them around for no reason?


By the way, what do you guys think of the Who’s Who block next to the comic? It’s a snippet of code (provided by Frumph, although integrated in to the latest version of ComicPress I believe) that reads the tags for each comic and populates the block with the appropriate bios, at least that’s how it works after I modified it’s behavior a little with some creative CSS. I did that because I know that I personally have trouble remembering other comics’ characters sometimes, especially if they don’t update often or if there’s a large cast. Also if the artist has a very uniform style for his characters or they change their appearance a lot. I mean, I love El Goonish Shive, but when any of his large cast of characters can show up with any hat, hairstyle, outfit and, let’s face it, gender, sometimes just hearing their name isn’t always enough to get the right wheels turning in my creaky grey matter. So the Who’s Who block is my solution to that problem, hopefully it will be useful as my cast grows.