So Grrl Power as a team has had a few different rosters over the years before I started the comic. Maxima, Anvil and Dabbler were pretty much always on it, and I’ve mentioned before, odd though it may sound, that Sydney was the most recent addition. The other slot was up in the air for a bit. Originally it was occupied by Jabberwokky here. (Yes, Jabberwokky is intentionally misspelled – for branding purposes, though I’m not sure Jabber is aware criminals aren’t allowed to profit from their story. As for merchandising rights, who knows?) For a while Jabber was a lock, then I became dissatisfied with her as I realized in her original inception, she was really just DC’s Vixen. Vixen if you don’t know has animal mimicry powers, so calling on a Boa Constrictor lets her give serious bear hugs (presumably calling on bear powers would grant the same) calling on a rhino lets her smash into people and it would seem, weigh a great deal more somehow. I didn’t know about Vixen till well after I made Jabber, but once I saw her in the animated Justice League it bothered me. Then for a while it was a toss up between her and Harem. Harem always could make copies and had the single mind, but it wasn’t until I thought of combining duplication and teleportation that she really gelled and Jabber was off to the standby pool. Anyway if it seems that Jabber has a tad more personality than the other villains so far, that’s why.

Jabber may seem to still have just animal mimicry powers, after all calling out “Cheetah Style” results in super speed, but there are some significant differences to her power set now that aren’t evident on this single page.

Now we move on to the requisite announcements. I finally updated the vote incentive! Thanks for hanging in there.

As always I will be at A-kon this year (June 6-8 in Dallas) and as I did last year, I’ll be doing a panel on Friday. It seems to be the same one. Humor-Based Webcomics 1: Humor in Story. I’ll try to think of something new to say, but in any case, if you can, make sure to swing by!

In case you missed it, my third Gynostar Guest strip is up today. The current arc starts here.

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