I’m not quite sure what the rules of “Make Max Say” Bingo are, I think every time someone marks off a word, everyone playing ponies up $10 which is how the pool keeps growing. I was going to originally put a mini comic below the page with Dabbler calling out “Pool up!” but this page already has a lot going on and took a while to draw. In fact it was almost two separate pages. The reason it’s not is it would have left the mammary thing hanging without explanation.

Achilles is curiously simultaneously useful and ineffective. His total invulnerability does tend to mean that his teammates rarely go out of their way to rescue him from anything.

As always I will be at A-kon this year (June 6-8 in Dallas) and, I’ll be doing a panel on Friday. Humor-Based Webcomics 1: Humor in Story. Be sure to stop by!

My sixth (and final) Gynostar Guest strip is up! This doesn’t wrap up the story arc (which starts here) just my contribution to it.

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