The second to last panel is supposed to be Harem’s view through the spotter scope, not Peggy’s view through the proper rifle scope. I only mention it because that’s not what typical crosshairs look like and otherwise I’m sure it would cause a few raised eyebrows. That said, for all my googling I couldn’t find a definitive picture of what spotter crosshairs look like. I assume they’re different from scope crosshairs, so I used one with more marks which I’d think would be useful for measuring things visually.

I had fun at A-kon, but forgot about trying to update on Twitter since the hotel seemed to have some sort of coating that blocked Sprint. I did my panel, attended a few others, watched Fred pencil and ink a page nearly to completion in under an hour, got a commission from him which I’ll share later today, talked shop with other comic creators (Spinnerette and The Devil’s Panties), and had a fun dinner with a reader, hopefully without spoiling too much stuff. It’s clear the spontaneous meetup doesn’t engender a large attendance. The next time do one I’ll schedule a time and location in advance.

#MakeComics: This was supposed to be a double page, but so was the next one, and I’m not quite up to the point where I can do two double pages in a week, especially with A-kon looming. I had to cut the first panel from the next page to make this page end on more of a period instead of a comma, which is why the last two panels are a little cramped.

You guys have helped Fred Perry’s NSFW Tactics Elemental game get voted into a real project. I assume there’s some switch that has to be hit behind the scenes before it can start accruing pledges. I’ll link it again once it’s at that point.

Make sure you catch the classic Escher Girl pose in the most recent Gynostar.

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